How to deploy Visual Studio 2013 and Update 3 using Configuration Manager 2012 (Part 2)

In part 1 of this two-part post, I demonstrated how to install Visual Studio 2013 using Configuration Manager 2012 R2.  In this post I will show how to configure the CU3 application.  Right – let’s get it on…

1 – First thing to do is to copy the contents of the iso to wherever you store your content on your Configuration Manager server:

4 - copy content to sccm

2 – Next, in Configuration Manager, create a new application and choose to manually specify the information:

5 - Manually specify app info

3 – Complete the general information required as you see fit:

6 - General info

4 – Complete any information you deem important for the Application Catalog entry:

7 - User catalog info

5 – Click the Add button in order to add a new deployment type:

8 - Add deployment type

6 –  …select script installer:

9 - Script Installer

7 – Give this deployment type a meaningful name:

10 - Dep Name

8 – Browse to the content location and complete the rest of the fields as shown in my screenshot:

11 - content info

9 – Click the Add Clause button so that we can add a new detection rule:

12 - Add clause

10 – I chose to use the version number for devenv.exe as this is incremented following a CU3 install:

3 - File version with CU3

So with that in mind, take a look at my detection rule in the screenshot below:

13 - Add detection info

11 – Here’s where you can add more detection rules. but this one will do for us so click next:

14 - clause results

12 – Configure the User experience, here’s how I configured mine:

15 - user experience

13 – Click the Add button to add some requirements for this application:

16 - install reqs

14 – I kept this simple but feel free to add whatever suits your environment:

17 - add install req

15 – I chose not to include any dependencies for this.  You could at this stage add your Visual Studio 2013 application as a dependency and then deploy only this (the CU3) application.  When I tried this I got mixed results due to the reboot required by Visual Studio 2013.  I would recommend not adding the VS2013 as a dependency, so with that in mind:

17a - No Deps required

16 – Now it’s just a case of next – next – next – all the way until the end:

27 - finished

17 – Don’t forget to upload the finished application to your distribution point.  I would recommend creating a collection of all of your VS2013 installations and then making this (the CU3) application a mandatory installation to that collection, however you could also make it available in the Application Catalog for users to install, or play around with application dependencies.



  1. When lauching, I am guetting a bunch of errors saying : The “Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools” package did not load correctly.

    any ideas?

    • Good Stuff! I’m pleased you sorted it. If you follow the directions in the blog article I linked to in my previous comment you won’t go wrong!

  2. Hi,

    I have deployed MS VS 2015 and it works fine but I want to install two features too,but it does not work. I have changed in AdminDeployment.xml the following :

    But it does not work. Any Idea?

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