Active Directory Disaster Recovery using Windows Server Backup – Part 1

Next week I am upgrading our 2008R2 DC’s to 2012 R2.  Although we have a third-party back-up solution in place already, I wanted to ensure that we had a second Disaster Recovery option available on the off-chance that it all goes horribly wrong in the worst possible way.

In part two of this three part post, I will go through the steps I took in order to create the back-up I’ll need in the event of a disaster.  In Part three of this post we’ll then hose our Active Directory \ DC’s and implement the restoration process using our backup so that we can resume service as quickly as possible.

Of course everyone’s DC’s are different and you should still research and take steps to include any additional back-ups of other software or certificates etc that may pertain to your environment in a true disaster recovery situation.

I would thoroughly recommend re-creating your DC infrastructure as closely as possible in a virtual environment and testing these procedures for yourself, which is what I initially did.  Now I can sleep at night knowing we have a true “belt-and-braces” back-up solution in place.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how I completed this using Powershell version 2 on a 2008R2 Domain Controller by going to part 2.

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