Add a role to Windows 2008 Server Core

Adding roles to your Windows 2008 Server Core via command line is fairly straight forward.

Let’s say you need to add the DHCP server role.  First of all, you can display a list of all of the available roles and whether they are installed or not by running this command line:


dism /online /get-features /format:table

2.  Next, identify the role\feature you are interested in.  In this example, it’s the DHCPServerCore as highlighted in yellow in the screenshot below…

3. Type the following to install the DHCP role…(Note: the feature name is case-sensitive.  You must type it exactly as shown)

dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:DHCPServerCore

Here’s what you see on a successful installation:

4. We then need to ensure that the service is set to auto-start.

sc config dhcpserver start= auto

Note the space immediately after the equals sign.

The screenshot below shows what you will see following a successful auto-start command.

5.  If you want to start the DHCP service immediately, simply use the standard net start command…

net start dhcpserver

On starting the service you will then see the following:

All you need to do now is configure DHCP as per your organisations requirements.

In my next post I’ll be showing you how you can manage your Windows 2008 Server core by connecting from a remote administrative computer.

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