For a long time, I was in a band called Enemy Unknown.  I’m guessing we formed originally in the early 90’s when we were originally called DEADZONE.  I can’t remember the exact year.

The original line up was as follows:

Owen – Lead Guitar
Matt – Rhythm Guitar \ Vocals
Steve – Drums
James – Bass

The band went through as many name changes as it did bass players and we were also known as LEGION before finally calling ourselves ENEMY UNKNOWN.  (Later, we also became RAZE and in it’s last incarnation: WARBOUND.

After two or three years had passed, we naturally drifted apart, and after a gap of maybe three years we reformed again, however Jamie was no longer able to play bass for us due to other commitments.  We duly advertised and he was shortly replaced by Mark who after a couple of years was eventually replaced by Dan.

We did undertake some recordings whilst under the Enemy Unknown monicker, performed at Bloodstock festival, were filmed for TV, headlined a theatre, signed to a minor record label and released an album (to scathing reviews) that was available to buy in shops and on the Internet.


The Demo

We recorded a three track demo at a friends house.  Matt wrote track 3: Terrorista whilst I wrote the other two. Here are those original three tracks:

1 – Corruption

2 – One Above All

3 – Terrorista





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