Legion, if I don’t mind saying so myself, was a great band.  I loved that band and moreover, I loved the people in it.  For a long time,  I never wanted to be in another band with different people.  In fact, we took a break of about three years in which I never played with another band.  One day,  I called up Matt (The singer \ rhythm guitarist) and we reformed again for a few years under a new name.

If you hadn’t noticed in the previous paragraph, I was of course, talking in the past-tense.  Legion are no more.

Legion were formed around 1995-ish  when we were originally known as DEADZONE and went in one form or other all the way through to around 2008 (which at that time we were known as RAZE) when we finally went our separate ways.

But this page is about LEGION – the rest of this intriguing saga is found elsewhere…

The band were based mainly in and around London – at the time, it took me one-and-a-half hours to drive to Matts house and then a further thirty minutes to drive our clapped out van to the rehearsal studio in Putney.  But I would have driven to the moon and back for this band.

We played many gigs and of all the bands – this is the one I’ll always remember.  Good people, Good times. <sigh>

The band members comprised of the following:

  • Me – Lead Guitar
  • Matt – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
  • Steve – Drums
  • Jamie – Bass

We recorded live in the rehearsal studio in Putney.  Seven tracks of 90’s thrash metal goodness.  Live. Live!  Yeah….  The tape…yup, tape…at the time was affectionately known as ‘The Putney Tapes.’  The name of the demo stuck.

So here it is – heard by only a few but now released unto the masses, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you in full digital media…The Putney Tapes!

  1. 01 – Hatred of Youth
  2. 02 – Legion
  3. 03 – Sedated Contempt
  4. 04 – Funky Seizure (A24)
  5. 05 – Despair
  6. 06 – Lycanthropy
  7. 07 – Amen

Incidentally and as a piece of trivia – I wrote the instrumental: Funky Seizure (A24) on the A24 on my way to work.  I used to drive down that damn road for an hour there and an hour back every damn day.  I used to have a dicta-phone in my car and I would hum the tune then translate it to guitar when I got home.  I named the song: ‘A24‘ but the band figured it was a dumb name and wanted to name it: ‘Funky Seizure.’  We compromised and it eventually became: Funky Seizure (A24)


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