EDIT: 3 Nov 2015

We’re back baby!  Yeah!  So we have re-formed and are sounding better and tighter than ever.  We are currently looking for another guitarist but it hasn’t put us off from performing our first gig last week with another in two weeks time.  Rock On!


This was a great band.  Formed from the burnt left-overs of my previous band, Raze, we came, we played and…we eventually split.  Unfortunately it came to an end around January last year (2011).  I think things weren’t just progressing and due to no-one having any money we couldn’t record in a studio and we couldn’t record anything ourselves that sounded very good due to the lack of equipment and recording experience we had available to us.

Things naturally came to an end which was a shame.

When the band split, I took it upon myself to record all of the tracks that I wrote and we played in the band.  Max was kind enough to come down to my house for the day and lay down the vocals for me.

I used a program called Reaper (which I thoroughly recommend) to record with.  It was a bit of a learning process and the results were the best I could get at the time.  I’m hoping that my future tracks will be even better as I have learned so much since recording the 8 Warbound tracks.

My friend David is a bass player and he lent me his bass to use for the bass tracks.  He also played the bass on one of them for me on the track Illusion Never Lies.

The band comprised of the following members:

  • Me – Lead Guitar
  • Kevin – Rhythm guitar
  • Max – Vocals
  • James aka Northern – Bass guitar
  • Tim aka Timmay! – Drums

Here’s the Warbound tracks I recorded:

  1. As The Blood Flows
  2. Illusion Never Lies
  3. Between The Lines
  4. Cradle of Hatred
  5. Martyr to the Flame
  6. Neanderthal
  7. Ritual Kill
  8. Unlucky 17

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