Basic config and domain join a QNAP TS-879U-RP NAS

Having configured the General Settings on the NAS (Name, Time, codepage, IP\Network settings  etc) it was time for the first task.

Firmware Upgrade

Our NAS does not have internet access so the first job was to manually upgrade the firmware.

I downloaded the firmware from  here.  As of writing, the current version is 4.0.5

To complete this, I logged on to the NAS and selected ‘Control Panel’:


Then in the Overview  I selected Firmware Update:



I then selected the ‘Firmware Update’ tab and browsed to where I had downloaded the unzipped firmware image.  Once I had done that, I selected the ‘Update System’ button in the NAS web interface and waited while the upgrade took place.


Configure RAID 6

I won’t go into how to create the RAID 6 array as I have already configured it don’t have any screenshots.  Suffice to say that the task is easy enough and simply involved selecting all of the disks followed by ‘RAID 6’ as the type.  It was then a matter of waiting for the NAS to complete this process.  Our NAS will not be backed up and that is why RAID 6 was selected.  This will allow for the failure of two disks at the expense of less available storage. (As shown in the screenshot: 16.24TB of available storage out of an original 24TB)

Here’s the final result:


 Port Aggregation

After ensuring that the end switches were configured (this task was completed by our infrastructure guy) I then proceeded to aggregate the four ports on the NAS.

This was very easy to achieve using the NAS interface.

I navigated to ‘Network’ and then the TCP\IP tab.  Once there, I selected the ‘Port Trunking’ button:


I then selected the for ethernet interfaces that I wanted to aggregate under ‘Trunking Group 1’ and chose Balance XOR.  If your swithces support it, you may wish to select IEEE 802.3ad instead:


Domain Join

To join the domain was also easy using the built in wizard.

Ensure that all of your network setting (IP \DNS \ Gateway etc) have been configured on the NAS first, then navigate to Privilige Settings -> Domain Security.  Then select the ‘Active Directory authentication (Domain Member) radio button and hit the ‘Quick Configuration Wizard’ button.

Complete the fields in the wizard and hey-presto!  One domain joined NAS.



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