Configuration Manager 2012 SP1: USMT Failing in the task sequence with error 0x00004005

Having upgraded Configuration Manager 2012 to SP1 and conducting my post upgrade tests, I noticed that one task sequence that utilised User State Migration was failing on the ‘Release State Store’ part of the sequence with an error of 0x00004005.

I looked at the SMSTS.log file on the computer that was receiving the image and found various errors along the lines of – “Failed to find media signing certificate 0x80070057”
– “Trying next SMP..”
– “Request to http…. failed with error E_SMPERROR_FAILURE (99)”

I couldn’t see anything that was overly helpful in the logs and so I opted for a quick and dirty solution that fixed the issue immediately:  I uninstalled the State Migration Point role and re-installed it on our site server.

If you feel you need to remove \ reinstall the SMP don’t be put off as it takes under a minute including the very minimal post configuration after a reinstall.  It is worth noting that you will need to reboot the Configuration manager server after re-installing it.  (You won’t need to reboot after removing the role – just go ahead and reinstall the State Migration Point, configure it and reboot)


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