Configuring a QNAP TS-879U-RP NAS with NTFS permissions using Powershell to automate creation of home-dirs for selected A.D group members.

This is part one of a long multi-part post.

We recently purchased a QNAP TS-879U-RP NAS with 24 TB of storage for use by Media students in order to store their (massive) media files.

The project required the following to be achieved:

  1. QNAP configured with RAID 6 as this NAS was not going to be backed up in any way.
  2. Aggregate the 4 x Gigabit RJ-45 Ethernet ports for maximum throughput.
  3. Join the NAS to our Active Directory domain.
  4. Restrict NAS access to our media students and lecturers only.
  5. To automate the provisioning of Home Directories on the NAS for media students and staff and assigning the owner ‘Modify’ permissions to the directory.
  6. Allow Media students and lecturers ‘Modify’ permissions to a mutually shared area on the NAS.
  7. Allow Media lecturers ‘Read & Execute’ permissions to all home directories.
  8. Allow Media lecturers the ability to manage the NAS access to media students.

I achieved all of  this using a combination of two Active Directory Groups (for maximum administration ease!), the NAS itself, Group Policy Preferences and (of course) Powershell.

Each of the above points will become a link to the relevant post as I type it up into this blog so you will be able to jump to any part that is relevant to yourself.  There will be a few posts and, as I tend to write my posts literally step-by-step as I have done all my guides, it may take me a while to get all the parts up however I expect it to be complete in around 7 days from now.





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