Configuring Windows 2008 Server Core

There’s easy way and a hard way to initially configure your Windows 2008 server core once it’s installed.

You will be able to configure your server’s computer name, IP, gateway, DNS, join it to the domain and much, much more in a matter of a couple of minutes when using this method.

Of course the hard-core among you may still wish to do all this by using command lines.  Feel free to do so and I’ll be showing you a list of command lines in a later post.

1. If you are not already in the system32 directory then ensure that you type in the full path as shown below…

Step 1

2.  You are then presented with the Server Configuration screen

Step 2

3.  Use the on-screen menu to initially configure your  installation.

I recommend the following order:

  • Option 8 – Network Settings
  • Option 2 – Computer Name
  • Option 1 – Domain / Workgroup

My next post will be on how to install a server role on Windows 2008 Server Core.

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