Creating a GUI Front End using Powershell for SCCM Imaging – Part 1

As part of my investigations into creating a GUI front end for SCCM using Powershell, I have now created a very simple ‘Proof of Concept’ GUI that simply displays a list of allowed Usernames – the user imaging selects their name from the list, hits the continue button and imaging continues as you would expect.  At the end of imaging, the registry on the imaged computer has the username written to it, along with all of the other values as per my previous post.

I also added a CMTrace button that launches, you guessed it, CMTrace that points to the smsts.log for live monitoring.

Here’s some screenshots:

The initial Proof of concept screen:

2 - FrontEndCensored


The results of selecting the username:

1 - Registry Username -censored


Obviously this is not a final front-end by any stretch of the imagination, however, the way is now paved for me to start designing the ‘real’ thing.

In my next post I’ll briefly demonstrate the method I used in order to display the front-end and write \ read the custom Username variable in as it writes the var slightly differently using the “front-end” compared to the method I outlined in my previous post.

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