DCDIAG Warning: Missing SRV record at DNS server …

As part of the process of performing our DC health checks I ran the following command on one of our Domain Controllers:

dcdiag /test:dns /e /f:dns.txt /v

Here’s a screenshot of the command:

1 - dcdiag

It’s is not my intention to describe the various parameters of the dcdiag command in this post, however if you would like further information then I would recommend reading the same technet article that I used as a reference.

On looking through the resulting log file, I noticed the following Warnings:

2 - SRV Errors

This was an error that I recognised immediately.  I ran the following command:

3 - nltest

This command refreshes the registration of all domain controller-specific DNS records. (Useful if they ever get accidentally deleted too)

 I ran DCDIAG again and this time the warnings were not present.  

You can read more about nltest on Technet.  


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