How to change the name of the Local Disk when Imaging.

By default, when you partition the disk in your config manager imaging task sequence, the end result of the computer freshly imaged will have the local disk called Default (C:) as per the screenshot below.



If you wish to change this to something else,  select the ‘Partition Disk’ task within your Task sequence and then select the Properties button:  (You may have to select the volume first before you are able to click on the Properties button – in my screenshot below it’s highlighted in dark blue and is called Default (Primary))



In the dialogue box that pops up, enter the name that you would like to see under the ‘Partition Name’ field: (In this example I have re-named it from Default to Local Disk.







Once your task completes log in to the newly imaged computer and admire the results.  Feel free to call a few friends over to take a look as well:






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