How to create a Config Manager 2012 collection query with multiple values

I had to create a query based on chassis type so that I could create a collection of all of our desktops and laptops.

I used this site to get the chassis type numbers, and then fired up the config manager console to create the query…

Here’s how I created the desktop collection using the wizard:

1.  Fire up the Create Device Collection Wizard and complete the relevant fields:


2.   Select Add Rule and choose Query Rule:


3.  Give the rule a meaningful name, then click the Edit Query Statement button:


4.  In the Query Statement Properties box, change to the Criteria tab and click the button to create a new query:


5.  Change the Criterion Type from Simple Value to List of Values:


6.  Click the Select button:


7.  Change the Attribute class to System Enclosure, and the Attribute to Chassis Types then click OK:


8.  Ensure the operator value reads is in then in the Value to Add text box enter your first value then click the Add button.  The value you added will appear in the Values to match list box on the right.  Keep repeating this until you have added all of your values then click the OK button.


9.  The results of your query:


10.  Click OK then the Next buttons until the Wizard is complete.  Job done.


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