• Hi

        Just want to say that i have had exactly the same problem

        Was going to reinstall a working XP machine to Windows 7 and it threw this error. Swapped ram with another machine and the first one installed OK.

        Then i tried installing the second machine that had gotten the bad ram, it failed also.

        Strange thing is that after i installed the machine where the bad ram was initially in, i put the bad ram back and now it runs just fine.

        My guess is that the problem lies in a memory address that the installer uses but the computer never uses.

        • Fixed the issue for me with an old Dell Vostro laptop. Took out the additional 1Gb memory stick and the SCCM OS deployment went through fine (though a bit slow with just 1Gb total RAM! 🙂
          Let the install finish and plugged in a new memory module. All good. Chucked the old one in the bin as although the OS may look like it’s working, I don’t want the user coming back to me in a few days or months with blue screen or lockup issues.

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