Reports of free disk space not populating

Having installed Configuration Manager 2012 recently and trying to familiarise myself with it, I started to take a look at some of the reports.  I discovered that any report linked to free disk space on any of the Configuration Manager client computers did not populate with any data.

The following report for example:

It turns out that the hardware scan is not configured to obtain this information by default.

Here’s how to remedy the situation:

Select the Administration Category at the bottom of the Configuration Manager console:

Edit the Default Client Settings (or your own custom client settings item):

Under the Hardware Inventory category of the Client Settings, select the ‘Set Classes‘ button:

Expand the section entitled, ‘Logical Disk (SMS_LogicalDisk)‘ and select ‘Free Space‘ :

That’s all there is to it.  Either wait for the next inventory cycle to complete on your clients (by default it runs every 7 days) or manually run it on a client if you want to test the results immediately.




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