SCCM 1610 Language Packs not installing from MDT task sequence

A while ago, I upgraded from SCCM 2012R2 to 1610.  Everything went smoothly which was an entirely unexpected surprise.

A few weeks pass and one of our UK IT guys flies to our German office and decides to do a spot of imaging while he is there.  Thanks to Johan Arwidmark’s excellent set of Deployment Fundamental books and Mikael Nystrom’s guide on CustomSettings.ini, I knew I could sit back and relax knowing that the German office gateway would be detected and the German language pack installed automagically when the Task sequence was run.

I sat there feeling rather smug with myself knowing all was well until my phone rang and rudely distracted me from Angry Birds.  The display number was our German office.  Hmm…

“The image completed successfully,” explained our IT guy.

“Excellent, thanks for letting me know..” I replied in an annoyed tone, picking up my mobile phone and starting Angry Birds back up.

“But…” he interrupted, “The OS is in English along with office.  Everything else is in German: date, time, and other regional settings.”

Damn it.  I wasn’t expecting this. “OK, leave it with me. I’ll have it fixed in a jiffy.”

By the time 5 pm had arrived I was no closer to finding a solution than I was 6 hours ago when I first got the telephone call.  Oh it wasn’t for a lack of trying;  I had scoured the task sequence for clues – absolutely nothing had changed.  I even recreated the task sequence thinking it may have somehow corrupt: nothing.

Again, with Johan’s help I could see that the gateway was being picked up correctly too.  I was stumped.

That day, I did not leave the office with a skip in my step.

The next day, I fired up a VM to see what was happening and the symptoms were that the language pack was downloaded but not installed.  This was some good news, it meant that the gateway was being detected correctly and that my variables were also being read, as the correct language pack was being downloaded.  Unfortunately, once downloaded, it immediately and without hesitation skipped the installation and went to the next step in the task sequence.

I realised that the only thing that had changed since it was last working was that I upgraded SCCM to 1610.  With that in mind, I remembered that MDT 8443 had been released now and the release notes explicitly state support for Config Manager 1606.  Worth a shot.  I had not done this before as I had thought that everything was still OK, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it eh? (I would be upgrading from MDT 2013 update 2)

Once I installed MDT 8443, I recreated the task sequence as well as the MDT Toolkit and crossed my fingers….Success ! The German gateway was detected and the language pack installed!  I’m not sure if I could have done just one of the two: recreate the TS or the Toolkit or if both were required, either way, I was happy I could get back to Angry Birds.




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