SCCM 2012 R2 – Add new DP: Cosmetic bug.

I’ve implemented SCCM 2012 R2 at our corporate HQ and now I’ve started to deploy remote distribution points at our other offices. So there I am configuring the first one at our office in Germany and I get to the boundary groups page where the ‘Allow fallback source location for content’ is selected by default. My design does not include this feature for this particular DP and so I un-check it as per the screenshot below:
When I get to the summary page, I have a read through (you do too, right?) to make sure I haven’t made a mistake and noticed that it said that ‘Allow fallback source location for content = Yes” !! I never said that!

So I go back and sure enough it’s unchecked. Looks like the logic for the code is slightly wrong when it presents the information on the summary screen. If you check the box then the opposite is true on the summary!

So I left it unchecked and even though the summary says it’s a big yes, when I checked post-installation, it was in fact all OK…Phew! (See screenshot below)
RemoteDP-Fallback3 down, twenty to go….

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