SCCM – Wake-On-LAN (WOL) not working on Intel NICs

I’ve just configured unicast WOL on our Config Manager 2012 server and during testing I noticed that not all of our computers were waking up.  I narrowed the failures down to any of our computers with DQ45CB mobo’s.

Having checked the BIOS was up to date and configured correctly, I then examined the properties of the NIC…

1 - Configure NIC

… and checked the obvious WOL settings were enabled (which were by default):

2 - WOMagicPckt

The Solution:

I noticed that by default, ‘Enable PME’ was disabled:

3 - EnablePME-Disabled

So I enabled it:

3 - EnablePME-Enabled

Once I had enabled it, WOL worked as expected.

If you have many computers that you need to do this to (like I did) you can set this in the registry:


4 - RegKey

I created a collection of computers that have the DQ45CB board and created a compliance setting to auto-remediate which I then deployed to that collection; however you could always use a script or a GPO to achieve the same thing.

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