Taking Ownership of a Large Number of Directories \ Files

I’m migrating data to a NetApps Filer SAN and as part of this I hit upon an issue whereby the Domain Administrator had been denied access by some rather unscrupulous staff members to various folders and files resulting in failed copy operations.

Unfortunately, due to the way the permissions were originally configured, I could not take ownership on the root directory to allow inheritance to do it’s magic.

I started to manually take ownership until I realised the extent of  work involved.  This job was going to take hours!

Err…no.  Enter into the ring something that I suddenly remembered reading about a few years ago but had never actually used.  It’s a great tool and even better, it’s built right into the Windows operating system: takeown
Typing in:

takeown /? 

gave me the help screen and from that I constructed and ran the following command:

 takeown /F \\Path\to\RootDir /R

The above command line gives ownership to the current user and uses recursion. Depending on who you are logged in as you may want to also use /A which gives ownership to the Administrators group instead of the current logged in user.  I ran this and 4 hours of work was completed in about a minute.  Perfect. Back to migrating that data….

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