Upgrading Config Manager 2012 SP1 to R2 CU1

Yesterday I upgraded our Config Manager 2012 SP1 server to R2 with CU1.  Compared to 2012 to SP1 the whole process was extremely smooth and painless with no ugly errors at the end of it.

Pretty much, I followed the same strategy for the SP1 upgrade I completed  a couple of months ago ie performed a test upgrade on the database in a VM etc etc.

I don’t really have any issues to report, (unlike my SP1 upgrade) ,however I will note the following (obvious?) items:

– Don’t forget to distribute your new boot images and the Client upgrade packages created by CU1 to your distribution point

– The install creates two new boot images and left my old ones in place.  My task sequence did not work until I changed them to use the new boot images.

– I was testing my task sequences in Hyper-v and for some reason my VM never had the network drivers installed.  Looks like I may have to add these to the boot image or figure out what’s going on as I’m pretty sure I never had to do this in SP1.  Further investigation needed here – as usual if I find anything of use that’s not all over the Internet already then I’ll post here.

– We have the dreaded applications not being installed on some SSD’s – you may have to include a SMSTSMPListRequestTimeout task sequence variable to mitigate this.  It works for us here – I set the value to 300 but I have not tested any other values so you may get away with a shorter time-out.  Take a look here for some more info.

So that’s it!  My next big project is upgrading our servers to 2012R2.

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