Upgrading Config Manager 2012 to R2

It’s been a little quiet on ‘fearthemonkey’ but that’s only because I haven’t encountered any issues worth blogging about.  I have, however, been hard at work investigating various projects that will be undertaken this year, the first of which is upgrading Config manger 2012 to R2.

The first step in this is to upgrade to SP1 first, followed by R2.  So with that in mind, I have created a project plan that has been approved by management here to upgrade to SP1 that will begin w\c 17 Feb 2014.

Once I’ve upgraded to SP1 I will post my project plan and steps that I took to get to SP1 along with any gotchas or anything that’s broken (and hopefully fixed) as a result.

As a by the by, I’ve been writing a lot of Powershell scripts recently (my most recent script being over 500 lines of code) and I gotta say once again that I love Powershell!

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